{R} Favorites Friday- All Things White

Friday, July 31, 2015

{R} Favorite trend this week is all things white!

I am a huge fan of white (which is an everyday struggle because I am also a huge procrastinator when it comes to cleaning... My 'adulting' level is a work in progress). One of the many things I have learned by living in a small house is that white makes any space look and feel larger and that is because white is a color (or not a color if you want to get technical) that visually does not take up space. So, when R and I moved into our little house here on Michigan Avenue I knew I wanted white to be a major theme throughout the house.

Here are {R} favorite ways to incorporate the white trend into your home's decor!

I never thought to use white bedding until a realtor helped us stage our last house. She used white bedding in all of the rooms and I fell in love. I could not believe how much bigger our bedrooms looked with this simple change! And I love the hotel feel that white bedding adds to a room. Ryan and I purchased this duvet set for our little master and I love it! Plus, duvets are so easy to maintain... simply slip it off and throw it in the wash (no dry cleaning necessary).

Another white favorite is towels. You've probably noticed that all hotel linens are white. That is because of bleach, bleach, and bleach. That statement is a tad hypocritical on my part because I absolutely hate bleach and have never used it on my own laundry (I am partial to OxyClean) but I know it's powers and I know that if you are a bleach connoisseur then having all white towels would not be a problem! You can pretty much find white towels anywhere but I typically try to save when purchasing towels since they aren't a forever buy (aka you have to replace towels every couple of years or so). I love these from Target. When it comes to white, I like to have a little extra texture or pattern to give it some character!

Threshold Textured Towel

One of the easiest ways to lighten up a room is by adding white curtains. This is another thing you can find at most department stores. I love these linen curtains from West Elm. They are thick and durable but also airy. They also come in longer sizes so you can have them hang from the ceiling to the floor (another effect that tricks your eyes into thinking the room is larger).

Belgian Linen Curtain

Cabinets, Doors and Trim
Right now I am all about white everything but especially when it comes to my cabinets, doors and trim. If you're looking for one area to include this trend this is the place to do it! While this does mean you will need to maintain these things more often (especially if you have 2 shedding puppies like me) but it is so worth it! If you have ever watched a home makeover show or completed your own reno the transformation from dark wood to white is astonishing. It completely opens up a space and creates a more clean, airy feel. Here's an example of the impact this change can have from White House Black Shutters! Or for my favorite transformation check out this foyer change from Young House Love (my favorite blog on the block)!

See entire post here! What a difference!

Much like you've probably noticed all the white linen in a hotel, you have probably noticed all white dishes at restaurants. This is because food is presented best on a white plate. So this is another white trend we are loving!

IKEA 365+ Plate

White furniture is trending everywhere! Mixing materials is also trending which makes it so you don't feel like you have to have all white furniture in one room. You can add one piece to a room and make a big statement. From cribs and dressers, to dining chairs and desks! The options are unlimited. This desk from Target is small enough to fit in a living space as a small office or you can use it as an accent table. Love!

Threshold Basic Desk

Maybe you feel that white is too sterile of a color for a home. And that can be true. The important thing to remember is 'everything in moderation'. Adding touches of white throughout your space can have a huge impact. It can create a sleek and modern look or a more country farmhouse feel. It all depends on the pieces you choose!

Note: If you have kids or pups I advise to stay away from using white on your couch or area rugs. I learned this the hard way! 

Do you love white as much as I do? Share your favorites whites in the comments below :)

As always, Thank you for visiting {R&R} at home!

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