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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

I should have titled this post, 'Third time's a charm' since this project legitimately took three tries to get it right 😁. But that's what the world of DIY is all about sometimes- try, try and try again.

I first saw this project done by one of my absolute favorite bloggers, Bless'er House (#bloggergoals). I tried her process twice with modge podge (once by myself and another time with a helper) and both times it was a complete disaster (and led to some major frustration {and wine therapy}). Still, I was determined to complete this project. I had so badly been wanting to have this large print added to our master bedroom but simply could not justify spending over $200 to have it custom made when I really felt we could complete this for under $50 if we did it out ourselves. So, after I broke up with modge podge, it was back to the drawing board. I read through several different tutorials from other bloggers who found success with various spray adhesives but most people said it would require TONS of patience to work out bubbles and you still may see them a couple of days after application. I decided I was not going to waste any more time and I was skipping the glue step. I have no idea how this print will hold up over time but for now, it works just fine!

Let's get started!

What you will need:

- Custom image (I chose to use Canva- more details below)
- Engineer Print (I printed mine at staples)
- Plywood cut to size
- Tape
- Tacking strips for frame
- Stain of choice (we chose Dark Walnut since we already had a can on hand)
- Hacksaw (to cut tacking strips)
- Picture hanging kit
- Nails
- Hammer

Step 1: Create your image

I knew that I wanted to use a quote from the book/movie Stardust that was read at our wedding. So, I hopped on over to Canva to create the image. I used the font Lato Hairline and bolded a few of our favorite phrases. Then, I uploaded the image to Staples' website. I wanted this piece to be rather large so I chose the largest engineer print available (36' by 48').

Step 2: Mount print on plywood

This is the part where I differ from other bloggers. If you read my intro you'll note I broke up with adhesive for this project so rather than glue the print to the plywood we simply wrapped it like a canvas. Once it was perfectly aligned I literally just taped down all ends to the plywood. I have no idea how this will hold up over time but I was ready to have this project DONE!

Step 3: Frame it out

This step has some sub steps. Before you add these wood pieces to this project you will need to make sure they are stained. My wonderful husband helped me with this part. We used tacking strips cut to the exact measurements we needed. We used just a regular old hacksaw to cut the boards down since it's what we had.

Once the boards were stained and cut to size I used wood glue to assemble the frame. I tried nailing the boards together but the wood started to split. Honestly, wood glue seemed to work just fine! I let it set overnight and the frame was pretty sturdy.

Once the frame was dry I then also wood glued the sides to the art.

Step 4: Hang your art!

Once the frame was dry and the print was ready to hang I used a picture hanging kit to get my art ready to hang. Then voila! This project was complete.

Step 5: Admire your work!

I know some of you will think I am CRAZY for putting a wreath on this print after all that hard work- but the original inspiration for this project had a wreath on it. I guess I don't mind because I know what the print says- so it's mostly a nice reminder of our wedding day :) Also, this print hangs in our master bedroom so no one really sees it but us.

Now, there were definitely some hiccups and learning curves with this project- but like my hubby said we aren't selling it and we saved ourselves over $100. I also consider every DIY project the mister and I complete together like marriage therapy  since we have to learn to be patient with one another.

Sigh. I am SO glad this project is complete! It has honestly been almost a year in the making (with about 9 months being just a thought in my head). I am pretty happy with how it turned out!

Have you had any projects take you three tries to perfect? Let me know about them in the comments below!

As always, thank you for visiting {R&R} at home!


  1. The wreath is a perfect touch, thanks for sharing this DIY! And yay, fellow Chicago burbs girl too ;)

    1. Hi Stephanie! I feel like a wreath makes everything looks better, haha! Thank you for stopping by! :)

  2. It can be super frustrating to have a project suddenly become difficult. I applaud your decision to skip the steps that weren't fun and move forward - if this doesn't last (and I'd think it would, unless you put it in direct sunlight or get it wet), you can always get a new print, which will be the correct size for the frame you already m ade.

    1. Hi Susan! Yes, sometimes projects go exactly as planned and sometimes they are a flop, haha! I will be sure to post an update on how this holds up over time! Thank you for visiting my blog! :)

  3. Great project! Thanks for the detailed tutorial. The finished print looks great on your wall, and I love the added boxwood wreath.
    Carol ("Mimi") from Home with Mimi


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