$100 Room Challenge Week 2: Budget Friendly Ceiling Light Update

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Welcome back to Week 2 of the $100 Room Challenge! This week's post is all about a simply change with a big impact.

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Sometimes even one teeny tiny update can make all the difference in a room makeover. My closet had this old pull string light that used to make me want to pull my hair out (the string only worked 1/2 the time and was always falling off). 

Before the challenge started I found this neat device that allowed me to turn this fixture from a pull string to a switch without an electrician. Side note: I am not counting this in my budget... sorry! This was a necessary update for my sanity but not for the makeover. 

Anyway, what was left was an already awkward lonely light bulb with a weird device now making it stick out even more. I knew an entirely new fixture wasn't in my budget so I set out to find a way to give this light a glow up (no pun intended). 

I figured a super easy thing to do would be to simply use a lamp shade! Now you'll need a shade with the right hardware/fittings. Some fittings are flush across the top and meant for a lamp with a harp while others have hardware meant to screw directly under a bulb straight on the lamp base (I sure hope I am using the right terminology here). 

At first I was just going to do a plain white shade to simply cover the bulb but then this fun rattan shade popped up on Marketplace and my heart was set. It was originally from World Market for $17 (no longer available). The woman had it listed for $10. Now I knew I was already over budget (more on that later... eeeek!) so I messaged the seller and told her my wholeeee story and what I was going to use it for to see if there was any way she would take less. She knocked $2 off, ha! But anything is better than nothing! Out the door I paid $8 for this.

I love Marketplace!

All I had to do was screw the shade up under the bulb and voila! A completely transformed fixture! I love that it adds some interest and texture! I think it's a really fun addition to this space. 

I love how it turned out! 

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Ceiling Light Update

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  1. What a fun idea for a light shade, I love the bamboo vibe and earthy tone it adds to your space.

  2. OK, this is shear genius! I can't believe what a difference it makes, and I love that you got it for $8! What a nice little makeover.

  3. I am in love with this lampshade! The color and texture it will bring to your little space is amazing.

  4. I love the lamp shade! What a great find... isn't Marketplace great!! :)

  5. Rebecca,
    This is so creative! I love that lampshade!

  6. That is SO cute! I love that the seller knocked off a whole $2 for you, but hey, every penny counts, right? Also, I had NO idea they made something to turn a "string light" into a switch. I need to tell my in-laws about this! Every time we sleep at their house, we're in a room with a string light and if I need to turn the light on while it's dark, I'm always swinging my arms around trying to find the string. Ha ha!

  7. I love your new light and I also love the string light trick. I will have to remember it.

  8. I love it! These kinds of fixtures can be so expensive too. Way to go!

  9. That was such a great idea! It looks awesome. I love marketplace too!


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