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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Please note that I am not sponsored in any way by Ikea. All thoughts and opinions are my own!

Not too long ago {R} and I visited Ikea on a mission for a Jute Rug. Well, anyone who has been to Ikea must know that it is nearly impossible to leave the store with just one thing (and without stopping for an ice cream cone on the way out). Since we recently went from two incomes to one we have definitely been on a tight budget so I really had to keep myself in check every time I wanted to throw something in the cart (it was hard). I did, however, make a wish list for future shopping trips. Then, I realized how fun it would be to share my favorite Ikea buys/finds with you with a twist! I've rounded up my top 20 favorite Ikea farmhouse finds!

Disclaimer: I wrote this post over a year ago and never published it- but my favorite finds remain the same with a few new additions based on new products!

Decorative Accessories

My absolute favorite buy from Ikea is the BORBY Lantern. I purchased several of these for our wedding and since then they have served multiple purposes.
BORBY Lantern- $7.99

Speaking of candles, if you're like me you have candle holders all of the house. Now you can burn them guilt free because you can pick up 100 tea light candles for under $4!

GLIMMA Unscented taillights- 100 count $3.49
Looking for matching frames for a gallery wall? Look no further than Ikea! My personal favorite is their RIBBA frame that comes in three colors (white, grey and black) and every size imaginable.

RIBBA frame- 9' by 9' $9.99
If there's one thing I love it's a solid, glass vase. On our most recently expedition this BEGÄRLIG Vase was a must buy. It is new to Ikea's collection and I just had to have it! Very farmhouse chic.

BEGÄRLIG Vase- 11" $19.99
Speaking of farmhouse chic, I've been eyeing this vase for a while! Honestly, this can go from flower vase to a serving  in just as long as it takes to wash. Love it!

SOCKERÄRT Vase- 8" $9.99
I'm a sucker for faux greenery. If i'm being honest (what am I not?!) I have a black thumb (although I did manage to keep some tulips alive for over a week recently) so when looking to add some color to a space I like to throw in a faux floral arrangement, wreath or these FEJKA Artificial potted plants. I think I have at least one of these in every room of my house!

FEJKA Potted Plant- $3.99 

Not really sure this fits in the Accessories category (or the farmhouse category for that matter) but I couldn't not add these BUMERANG Hangers that are less than .50 cents per hanger!

BUMERANG Hanger- 8pk $3.79


I absolutely love Ikea's bedding selection! I remember purchasing my dorm room bedding here and more recently, the bedding for our master bedroom.
OFELIA VASS Duvet Cover- King $59.99

I also was recently very happy with the purchase of Ikea's version of the Jute Rug. For $80 this was a steal!

LOHALS Rug- 5' by 8' $79.99

While I have yet to find a room this EIVOR Throw would match I could not leave it out. The black and white stripe is classic.
EIVOR Throw- $24.99
If you've read {R&R} Golden Rules you already know I am obsessed with throw pillows. At Ikea you can find both inserts and tons of covers at unbelievable prices!
SMÄNATE Cushion Cover- $6
Recently I was in the market for new curtains to DIY and was crazy excited to find a pair of white curtains at Ikea are only $10 (yes, I said pair). And they are 98" in length! #score
VIVAN Curtains- 1 pair $9.99

When it comes to furniture, I have only purchased a few pieces from Ikea. Most recently we were in the market for small nightstands for our previous house. These HEMNES nightstands were perfect. They provide just enough storage for a small space.

HEMNES Nightstand- $69.99
I have also owned many KALLAX Shelving Units! And they recently came out with a line of these in bright colors (though i'm partial to the classics). They also come in multiple sizes to fit your needs (and budget!).
KALLAX Shelving Unit- $169.99

If you are an avid Instagram user and have ever searched the #farmhousestyle hashtag then i'm sure you've seen this chair used a time or two. I have yet to purchase one for myself but I have a feeling it will be going on my christmas wish list!

BYHOLMA Chair, Gray $114.98

I know that rolling carts are every crafters dream. Ikea has the most adorable option in a several colors.

RÅSKOG Utility Cart $24.99

Kitchen & Dining

I could go on and on (and on and on) about Ikea's kitchen section (seriously, it's incredible). So many amazing utensils, pans, serving dishes, organizational storage etc. available at crazy awesome prices. I'll try to stick to my favorites for the sake of this post ;)

If you're looking for serveware on a budget look no further than Ikea's dining section- this glass serving bowl is less than $3!

TRYGG Serving Bowl $2.49

New in 2017 is this 3 tier basket- so versatile! Too bad this wasn't around when I was designing my LO's nursery- it would be perfect for his changing table (it's never too late).

SOMMAR 2017 3-tier basket $19.99
I love love love these chargers/place mats! They are the perfect neutral mat for any and all tablescapes!
SOARÉ Place Mat $3.99
Most recently, I have fallen in love with Ikea's VARDAGEN textile collection- from dish clothes to tableclothes it is the perfect 'farmhouse' style table linen!
VARDAGEN Tablecloth $16.99

There is no way to include absolutely everything I love at IKEA (I'd probably end up linking their entire catalog) but I hope this was informative for you! What are your favorite Ikea finds? Let me know in the comments below!

As always, Thank you for visiting {R&R} at home!

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