Powder Room Reveal

Monday, July 17, 2017

It's time for some potty talk! That's right- it's powder room reveal day and I have never been so excited to spend time in a bathroom in my life 😜!

I am not sure why it took me so long to update this room because A. I have wanted to paint it since the day we moved in and B. It's a small space so there is no excuse as to why I wasn't able to find the time. Luckily, the previous owners of this home, who just so happened to build it, had great taste and chose a classic pedestal vanity and chrome light fixture that I didn't feel needed to be changed. However, I am just not a fan of the red paint on the walls. I feel like you either love red or you hate it (or maybe i'm just making stuff up). Either way, it was time to make a change! I challenged myself to makeover this room for less than $100 and I'm happy to report I was successful.

I put together my first mood board prior to completing this room makeover and I feel like it really helped keep me on budget but I made a few changes along the way.

Before we start with the tour let's go back in time to a few days ago when our main floor powder room looked like this...

Now it looks like this! 😍

The biggest change was obviously the paint color. I did tons of research prior to picking out a color. I even went to the store with three color choices in mind thinking I would buy samples and take them home. However, in the store I made the last minute decision to pick a color off the swatch and buy a gallon because the samples alone would have been about $12 and sticking to my budget was important to me! Again, I had done tons of research so I felt confident in my choice (Tip: Pinterest is a great place to test out colors. You can simply type in the paint color and it will bring up real rooms.) I ended up choosing Sherwin Williams 'Passive' gray and I used a gallon of the Ovation paint in Eggshell from Lowe's. I was very impressed that it only took two coats of paint to cover the red color! I highly recommend this paint!

Once the painting was complete, it was time to accessorize! I swapped out our basic mirror for something a little more anitquey (is that word?). My original design included this mirror from Target but I ended up finding this one from Hobby Lobby for half the price (Tip: NEVER buy anythign full price from Hobby Lobby- their sales swap every week for all products to be 50% off. They also always have a 40% off one item coupon online!) I was skeptical if the bronze on the mirror would clash with the chrome finishes in our hardware and lighting but I was pleasantly surprised how well it worked together (I also saw that Sherry from Young House Love recently gave the go ahead for mixing metals on her Insta story 😜)!

I then added these rustic shelves above our toilet to tie in the farmhouse theme from the rest of our house. I also scored these shelves at Hobby Lobby for 50% off- so they were only $12.50 a piece! I toyed around with making my own but it honestly might have cost more to DIY these shelves.

I scored this apothecary jar at HomeGood for $7.99! I thought it was the perfect size for our small bathroom. I filled it with soap from the dollar store (3 pack for $1). All of the other accessories I pulled from around the house to complete the look.

I also found this amazing hand towel at HomeGoods for $5.99. I almost don't want to use it, haha!

The last and final touch to this bathroom was the rug (can I tell you how hard it is to get a full view of this room!). The original rug from my mood board was unavailable at any Target in my area. HomeGoods to the rescue! I scored this adorable navy and white rug for $9.99! I love the tassels and how it grounds the room with the dark navy color.

Total cost for this makeover: $98.94!

I am so happy with how this room turned out- and even happier that it only cost around $100!

Show me your powder room makeovers in the comments below!

As always, thank you for visiting {R&R} at home!


  1. This is a terrific makeover on a budget! Congratulations! First, I love the lighter paint color -- it really updates the space. Then, your accessories are so attractive and really give the room a lot of character. Great job!
    Carol ("Mimi")

  2. What an amazing transformation! The room looks so serene and beautiful now. I'm with you on the red. (Our kitchen has been red since we moved in and I haaaate it.) I love the mirror you chose & I'm SO jealous you have wood floors in your bathroom!

    1. Thank you, Meg! I saw your bathroom transformation and it looks amazing!! I've been wanting to try shiplap so bad!!


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