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Monday, July 10, 2017

Well, hello there! I'm baaaack! I know, I know... I've said that too many times to count but this time I hope it's for real. Let's just call this past year my 'maternity leave' 😆 It's true that I did have a baby this past March (that is a post for another day) but it is no excuse for being gone so long. Without a long drawn out explanation, priorities shifted and I didn't feel that I had the time to commit to anything other than baby preparation. Anyway, I'm jumping right back in!

I was hoping to come back with a beautiful nursery tour but I have not had the LO's room in photo ready condition since before he was born (I know, I know- I should have done the photo shoot when I had the chance and I promise that I will share a nursery tour as soon as I can find the time to photograph it). Instead, I am going to take baby steps (pun intended) back into this whole 'blogging' thing and start with a mood board. 

Since moving into our new house there have been a few minor changes I've wanted to make. Painting our main floor powder room was first on my list. Fast forward to today- nearly a year and a half later- and the powder room is exactly as it was when we moved in. Well, the time has come to get rid of this red room of pain (pain to my eyes at least 😂😂). See below for my 'mood board', or in laymen's terms- an inspiration board, for everything I am looking to do. Oh, major kicker here- I am hoping to keep this make-over under $100! 😁

1. Paint- 'Pearl River' by Benjamin Moore $25 
2. Rustic Shelves- Hobby Lobby $24 (1/2 price sale!)
3. Hand Towel- Target $10
4. Mirror- Target $40 (actual mirror I purchased here $20)
5. Faux Greenery- Ikea $4 (and a new price!!)
6. Candle- Target $12
7. Soap Dispenser- Ikea $8
8. Apothecary Jars- Target $10 (Already own one- so free for me!)
9. Accent Rug- Target $14

As you can see, I am not looking to make any major changes to this room- only minor cosmetic changes. The biggest challenge will be painting such a small space with lots of fixtures to work around, otherwise it will simply be styling.

I have already purchased the mirror for this room and hope to paint this weekend so I think a full reveal will happen in a couple of weeks. I also hope to spend some time photographing little Hudson's nursery this weekend so a nursery reveal should be happening soon!

Until then, thank you for visiting {R&R} at home!

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