$100 Room Challenge Week 2: How to Build a Pegboard

Thursday, September 13, 2018

When I decided to take on our craft room for this challenge I knew it had to include a pegboard! I have been wanting to try this project for years- ever since I saw pegboards become popular in nursery decor. So, I decided this challenge would be the perfect time to give it a go! And this project literally cost less than $15 and provides TONS of accessible storage!

At first, I thought it may be silly to add this since we have so much storage in this room already. But then I realized I rarely even remember what I have in all those cabinets and I am constantly losing things so I would much rather have access to my crafting tools right on the wall!

Confession: I am still waiting to get this officially hung on the wall- and will update this post with those steps once it is complete!

Let's get started!

What you will need:

  • Pegboard (I purchase a 4' by 4' pre-cut)
  • Paint (I had a can of white on hand from an old project)
  • 2 firring strips cut to size
  • Wood Glue/Panel adhesive 
  • Wood screws
The first thing I did was give my pegboard a couple coats of white paint that I had on hand. Side note: You can buy pegboards in a variety of colors and finishes including white but I did not like the white color so I decided to save myself a few bucks and use my own paint.

Then, I had my husband cut down our firring strips to the exact length of the pegboard.

Once cut we applied some panel adhesive that we had on hand and used clamps to keep the strips in place.

We let them set for a couple of minutes and then used wood screws to also adhere the strips to the pegboard. The reason for this step is to make sure there is enough space behind the pegboard to allow for the hooks.

We chose to have the strips on each side of the board (versus top and bottom). Here is a view from the back.

Then, I decided to give the sides a quick coat of paint since it would be visible from the side.

Now it was time to hang and organize! I am already loving being able to have all of these items easily accessible!

I do have a few more surprises up my sleeve for this pegboard but I'm saving those for reveal day! But here's an idea of what I'll be doing!

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  1. I've been wanting to do this in my office! I like how you put the firring strips on the sides so it looks clean from the edges. Now I'm inspired, it would be so nice to have several tools right at hand like this!

    1. Yes! I am excited to have time to actually style it more but so far it's so nice to have smaller items within reach! Makes projects so much easier than fumbling through drawers!

  2. I always love pegboard projects. So clean and easy!

    1. Me too!! Just need to figure out how to style it to make it look a little nicer!!

  3. That is the perfect thing to add to a craft room! You are going to be so organized! I am so jealous, LOL.

    1. Let's just hope I can KEEP it organized! Haha! I always start out with the best of intentions!

  4. Such a great canvas for hanging all the things! We loved our pegboard in our son's nursery a few years back. It really does hold a lot!! love it.


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