$100 Room Challenge Week 3: Dollar Store Organization

Friday, September 21, 2018

I heard something once that you shouldn't have to buy anything in order to get organized. While I do believe that to be true in some sense (aka not having to spend hundreds of dollars to organize a space) I also think that small items really help a space, especially an office or craft room, stay organized.

I'm not sure who actually said that- but I think the gist of that statement was that you shouldn't have to spend hundreds of dollars to organize your home and that is exactly what I'm sharing today for week 3 of the $100 Room Challenge! If you're just tuning in you can catch up on Week 1 and Week 2.

Before I made my trip to the dollar store I did a bit of online research to confirm I wasn't about to get ripped off. Believe it or not- some things at the Dollar Store are not a deal and can be found cheaper elsewhere!

My main concern with this trip was spending less than $20 and finding some good pieces to help me organize the drawers/shelves in our craft room. My goal was to have a place for everything. And I mean everything.

I started by organizing the drawers and using a few small organizers I found in multi-packs for $1! Total bank for your buck (literally!).

This specific set of drawers holds all of our gift wrapping supplies! Everything from ribbon to tissue paper to gift tags. In a matter of minutes all of these things were organized into their own place!

$10 in supplies and all of those small pieces have a home! Are you starting to catch on to the theme of this $100 Challenge? Organization, organization, organization! All of these things may seem minimal but they are making a big impact in my efficiency as a crafter, haha!

I know today's post was short and sweet- but that happens in these makeovers! Small changes making big impacts!

Be sure to check out the progress of everyone else completing the $100 Room Challenge below!

I am so beyond excited to blow you away with next week's reveal! Get excited y'all!

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  1. What an organized space! This is going to be so incredibly functional!

  2. Aren't quick fixes just the best!?? I was literally just organizing our kid's lid & kid's silverware drawer with these same white baskets yesterday - such a steal! Love that you're getting things in order over there - feels so good!


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