$100 Room Challenge: Powder Room Reveal

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Welcome to REVEAL week for the $100 Room Challenge! I am so excited to share our powder room with you! The before and after of this room is seriously unbelievable!

If you are just tuning in you can catch up below!

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I honestly wasn't even planning on joining this month's challenge- what with having moved less than a month ago 😱! But I was hit by the inspiration truck and here we are! I am so so proud of this space and even more proud that I came in under budget! That is not always the case with these challenges (like our master bedroom I completed for January's $100 Room Challenge).

Enough talk... let's get to the details of this makeover!

I started by giving this room a fresh coat of paint in Heavy Cream by Behr. I had used this color in our guest bedroom makeover at our last house and I just loved how light and bright it was without any overpowering undertone.

Once the room was painted I started on my accent wall (full tutorial here). My design for this wall was inspired by this wallpaper. Sure... I could have used actual wallpaper- but the thought of trying to tackle installing it for my first time on a wall with tons of nooks and crannies was overwhelming. So I grabbed my paint brush and a makeshift stencil and got to painting.

This wall was honestly easier than it looks! It took all over 30 minutes to complete and has such a major impact! I love the imperfections that came with hand-painting it! It looks so custom!

The next major update was painting the existing vanity in the color Lichen by Fusion Mineral Paint. I have had this pint on hand for nearly a year and finally found the perfect piece to paint! I think this color combined with the walls and accent wall is just perfection.

Once everything was painted I set out to update our light fixture. If you read last week's update then you know this wasn't my original plan. I shifted gears when I realized I wasn't going to find the exact shades I wanted but I am happy with how this one turned out!

I had this old mirror lying around that I thought would fit this space perfectly. It was originally black with a silver detail but I decided to use my 'make anything look like wood' technique to give it an update. I was so close to donating this and I am so glad I kept it around for this challenge!

My original design included adding shelves above the toilet but I decided to keep this area simple (sometimes less is more). I had a few leftover baskets from an old basket wall so I decided to hang two. I love that these bring in texture, simplicity and a bit of a farmhouse feel.

A few other details I added were a towel hook next to the sink and I am actually still on the hunt for a new toilet paper holder- but I have the old one on hand that I can always spray paint!

I am in love with this space! Even I can't believe I was able to do it for well under $100! It just goes to show that paint has magical powers to transform!

Let's take a look at the cost breakdown:
  • Paint Room- $22 (with the $10 mail in rebate on 1 gallon of paint)
  • Paint Vanity- FREE (had the paint)
  • Hand Painted Wallpaper- $3 for paint sample
  • Update Light Fixture- $40
  • Update Mirror/Accessories- FREE
  • Total: $65
For once I am WAY under budget!!!

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Be sure to check out all of the other blogger's participating in this challenge! So much hard work went into these reveals and you are sure to be inspired!
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  1. Paint is just a miracle worker! It looks awesome!!

    1. It really is!! Paint stole the show on this one!! Thank you!!

  2. OMG!!! Your guest won't want to come out of this room. It looks amazing Rebecca. I love the custom wall design. Great job!

    1. Thank you!! I just love how it all came together!!!!

  3. Your updated bathroom looks wonderful! The painted wall and vanity, the light fixture and the baskets all accent the space perfectly. Great job!

  4. I am still just in love with the paint finish, it really elevated your space. Nice job on the $100 Room Challenge!

  5. Wow! I REALLY love the wall, It looks so high end. The paint technique on the mirror looks great, and the overall brightness of the new space! This is such an amazing before and after!

  6. I am amazed that you made your own wallpaper. I know it's just paint but it really looks fantastic. The entire space is incredibly beautiful. You might have a problem now with over usage. LOL. Congrats in a job very well done!

  7. Such a huge change! You're right - paint works wonders. Love the color combination and overall feel of the updated bathroom

  8. I love this bathroom now and your walls are beautiful. Great job!

  9. Thank you so much for inspiring me to get up and do something in my bathroom! I'm going to take on the painted wallpaper challenge as well as the make anything look like wood treatment for my vanity mirror. I can't wait!

  10. Oh Rebecca! Every time!!! Every time you blow me away with these challenges. I just love this space so much... and the light fixture turned out SO well, even if it isn't quite what you had in mind to begin with. So beautiful!

  11. Wow what a transformation! I can't believe you made it look like this for $65! I love the wall, light fixture, mirror and especially that lichen color on the vanity. Gorgeous!

  12. Absolutely LOVE what you were able to do! I have seen some hand painted "wallpaper" looks, but have always been too chicken to try them out (which is a little silly because I could always paint over them!). I'm so glad you "went for it" and tried it! It looks amazing and is definitely a space you should be super proud of!

  13. That feature wall is just amazing - and I love the color you painted the vanity!

  14. Yes, indeed when accomplishing an awesome project like this, I would never want to leave the room!! I sit here at my pc just taking it all in - truly, truly beeeutiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One wall is all it needs........

  15. Love it! What color did you use for the "wall paper?" Thanks!


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