One Room Challenge: Guest Bedrooom REVEAL

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

The day has finally come! It is One Room Challenge REVEAL day! In the blogging world this is basically like our Christmas morning! All the build up, anticipation and behind the scenes work over the last six weeks has led to this day and I am so excited to share our Modern Farmhouse Guest Bedroom Reveal!

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Let's start with my inspiration for this room. Lately it has been really hard for me to find the inspiration to create. In February I suffered a miscarriage and my world came crashing down. Everything that once brought me joy felt completely meaningless. I knew deep down that my passions were something I needed to cling to in this time of grieving but it was hard.

Around the end of March I received an email that I took as a sign. I was being given an opportunity to partner with Kirkland's for the One Room Challenge. I received this email less than a week before this challenge was supposed to start. I had thought about registering but hadn't made any final decisions. This opportunity gave me the push I needed to pick myself up and start creating again.

I knew immediately what room I wanted to makeover- our guest bedroom. I have always wanted to give this room a makeover but thought it was silly since I always hoped someday it would be turned into a nursery or kids room. I decided I was going to use this opportunity as a moment of healing. Instead of looking into this room longingly I wanted to create a beautiful space I loved... even if I have to change it all again in a year (and I sure hope I do!).

The last six weeks of this challenge have been such a healing experience. I cannot tell you enough how much joy it brought me in a time that I needed it most. I know how easy it can be to push our passions to the side in life's darkest moments but I truly believe those are the times we need to cling most to whatever it is that brings us joy.

Sorry for such a heavy opening to this post but, to me, it makes this reveal that much sweeter. This truly was a labor of love.

Now let's get to the good stuff... Let's take a look at what this space looked like before...

This room was so dark and was full of random decor furniture and decor.

And here is our guest bedroom now!

The first thing I did was give this room a coat of fresh paint in Heavy Cream by Behr. I tested out so many colors before landing on this perfect creamy beige. I am very happy with how this color turned out!

I am all about re-purposing existing pieces and I knew that a new dresser just wasn't in the budget so I gave ours a quick makeover using Fusion Mineral Paint in the color Bayberry. It honestly looks completely different!

I had every intention to fill this cute frame with a wifi password insert but I actually really loved the stock image that came with it so it stayed!

This mirror was a hand me down from my Mom. I love the antique vibe it adds to this space to break up all of the modern touches.

Originally, I had thought about switching out the light fixture but half way through the challenge I had an idea to give our fan a makeover instead! I cannot believe the difference!

I knew our old bed needed to go. Not only did it not fit with my design but the headboard also no longer attached to the frame. I wanted the new bed we chose to make a statement and really drive home that modern farmhouse feel. This bed is definitely the show stopper for me. I just love it!

This side table was also a new addition to this space. I knew I wanted something that added some texture but didn't take up a lot of visual space. This was the perfect combination of both!

The finishing details were my favorite part of this makeover. I knew I wanted to incorporate the classic disney phrase 'Be Our Guest' but I wasn't sure how. I had seen these fun metal letters and knew they would be the perfect touch.

I originally wanted to add scones above the bed but ordered a couple that were a bit too big for this space so I went with this fun desk lamp instead that I found on clearance last minute!

I wanted to somehow tie in the green from the dresser on the bed. I found these pillow covers in almost the exact same color for a steal!

The other show stopper of this space is this gorgeous rug. It breaks up all the black, brings in the warmer tones and softens the look overall with a farmhouse feel.

I cannot believe how much lighter and brighter this space looks and feels! I am in love with how this room came together. I had so much fun playing with color and mixing design styles. I've been drawn to the 'minimalist' look for a while and I have a feeling it will be creeping into the rest of my house.

Full Source List:

Wall Paint- Heavy Cream by Behr
Dresser Paint- Bayberry by Fusion Mineral Paint
Bamboo Shades- Home Depot
Rug- Well Woven
Bed- Kirkland's
Bedding- Ikea
Throw Pillow Covers- Ikea
Macrame Pillow- Linked Similar
Side Table- Kirkland's
Lamp- Target
Faux Air Plant- Target
Clock- Ikea
Metal Letters- Hobby Lobby
Picture Frame- Target
Lantern- Kirkland's
Vase- Target
Eucalyptus Leaves- Target
Faux Greenery- Ikea
Similar Ceiling Fan- Amazon

And that's a wrap on another room makeover! This one definitely goes down as one of my favorites. Be sure to check out of all the reveals from the Featured Designers and Guest Participants of the Spring 2019 One Room Challenge.

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  1. So gorgeous! I love all of your colors...especially the green dresser. And the fan makeover is genius!

    1. Thank you so much!! I had so much fun creating this space!! And I just cannot get over how gorgeous that green dresser turned out!! That color is just amazing!!

  2. This is such a serene and calm space - perfect color palate for a bedroom...and that sign gives it the perfect touch of fun!

    1. Thank you so much!! I am just loving the end result!!

  3. This is a PERFECT guest bedroom. I love the soft colors and simplicity, and great pieces like that bed and rug!

    1. Thank you so much!! I am really so happy with how it all came together!!

  4. I absolutely love your style! I went to get the letters at Hobby Lobby and noticed they didn't have a U, did you make it out of the A, and if so, how? Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Jordan- Thank you!! Yes, I did have to make the U out of an A- I had to have my husband use a grinder to get the bar out but I believe a saw could do it too! Then I simply touched up with black paint!

  5. This room is such a beauty. I just love each and every detail of this guest bedroom. Much appreciated for sharing this post.


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