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Saturday, June 20, 2015

It's been a while since my last post. I lost steam because R and I were home searching which meant our own home projects were put on the back-burner. Well, we have put off the home search for the time being which means I can start blogging again! We are excited to finish up some projects that we've been wanting to do around our little Michigan Ave cottage and cannot wait to share them!

In addition to our home search venture I recently celebrated my 28th birthday. I had a wonderful, relaxing day being spoiled with love (and gifts😊) from my family and friends. I even received a gift from my sister all the way in Mexico. She is known for her creative gift giving and this one did not disappoint. I was given $50 to spend at Pottery Barn. You may be scratching your head thinking "What is she going to do with that?" And my response would be "EXACTLY!". This gift was meant to inspire the post you are reading and get me back on the blogging train (She's good)!

I am typically a pretty frugal shopper. I love finding a good deal and love to create my own knock-off designer home pieces so you will rarely run into me at stores like Pottery Barn but I accepted this challenge because who doesn't love a reason to explore stores that seem out of reach financially. So, enjoy as I list my best finds at PB for $50 or less! And stay tuned to the end to find out what I ended up with :)

First things first, $50 isn't going to buy you furniture at PB so don't even think about it. To be honest, most of their furniture is extremely outrageously expensive and similar pieces can easily be found online at stores like Target, Home Decorators Collection or Overstock.com for much less. That being said, there are definitely certain items that really are of better quality coming from PB than anywhere else. Plus, they have some really unique items that are hard to replicate.

Let's get started!

First up, candles. If you've read {R&R} Golden Rules you already know that candles are an essential part of my home's decor. While PB is not necessarily known for their scented candles they do have quite the selection of those pillar candles you see all over Pinterest creating that cozy vibe with the flip of a Bic. The tricky thing here is that each candle ranges from $4 to $34 so you may only be able to choose a couple to stay under $50. No matter, these pillar candles are the best and come in all shapes and sizes! A definite must to the list of buys at PB under $50!

PB Pillar Candle $4-$34

They also have a great selection of flameless candles that look much more realistic compared to other retailers. Downside: If you want a candle any larger than 6' by 10' you will go over budget. However, they do still fit under my $50 limit for the more average sizes (and let's get real... I absolutely do not need a foot sized candle). These flameless candles are a great option if you like the ambiance candles bring to a space but don't want to worry about blowing it out or having it burn down too quickly. They even have a completely separate selection of 'Outdoor' flameless candles! 

Flameless Wax Pillar Candle $4-$34

Another of my home essentials (and the first thing I looked at when I received this challenge) are 'throws'. I was gifted one of their Cozy Cable Knit throws for Christmas last year and would have loved another as it quickly became my favorite blanket but the $130 price tag meant it was a no-go for this challenge. I was surprised to find that there were several other options! Let me be the first to say that these blankets are an incredible value! They even have one with an adorable monogram available (monograms are so in right now)! My favorite is the 'Porter Throw' and without any sale or coupon this rings in at $39 and comes in several colors to match any room! 

Porter Throw $39

I was completely blown away by the selection of dining and entertaining items within my challenge budget. No, you won't be able to completely update your dinnerware for $50 but you can add some really nice pieces to your entertaining collection. I mean how adorable are these mingling plates? A set of four totals $24! And these glass domes? Sooo cute and sooo versatile for any room in the house! This was the moment I thought 'Wow! Maybe I can afford to shop here!' So many awesomely unique items available at, what I like to call, the 'wedding shower' price point (aka $50). My favorite find was their Cambria Serve Cake stands. They come in all colors and can be used in so many different ways (and you get PB bragging rights when guests are over... 'Oh yeah, I got that at Pottery Barn!").

Cambria Serve Cake Stand $44.50
Want to drink your mimosa and eat your quiche? I've found the perfect solution! Everyone will ask where you got them... "Oh, I got these at Pottery Barn!"
Great White Mingling Plate (set of 4) $24
Display (and protect) your food with charm using these glass domes or use them to display your succulent garden! So versatile! 
Glass Domes $19-$29
Serve your wine like a true connoisseur with this timeless decanter!
Vino Wine Decanter $29
Add some character to your dinnerware with these unique appetizer plates! 
Talavera Melamine Dinnerware $28-$32.50 (set of 4)
How cute is this spice tower? Add just the right amount of salt, pepper and spice (and everything nice!).
Rhodes Spice Tower $29
As you can see. I had some fun in this department! So many great finds!

You will be hard pressed to find any of their light fixtures at $50 or less but there are some options in this department if lighting is your thing! If you own a fixture that requires decorative bulbs PB is the place to find them! They are pricey at $15 a pop but they are beautiful (yes, I'm talking about light bulbs!).
Teardrop Filament Bulb $15

Typically I purchase my pillows from places like Target or HomeGoods because the price is right but PB is stealing the show with some adorable options that you cannot find anywhere else! While the majority of their pillow covers are under the $50 price point you will most likely end up with only one cover but it will be worth it! They have so many adorable options and my favorite were the city specific 'crewel' pillows.

Collect your favorite cities for a fun conversation starter!
Chicago Crewel Embroidered Pillow

Better yet, display the European cities you love! PB Pillows are the new ornament.
Embroidered Pillow Cover $45.50

Bath Accessories
Buying towels can seem like a pretty boring way to spend a birthday gift card and I wouldn't necessarily advise buying your everyday towels from PB but if you're looking for a nice monogrammed hand towel for your master bath (you know in case you forget your initials) or would like to add a couple towels to your rack as 'look at only' then this may be a GREAT way to spend your $50. These monogrammed towels are just adorable and you can choose your color and font! Downside: Adding a monogram is an additional $9 but so worth it! This is a good buy in my opinion as they will a last a long time. 

Grand Embroidered Towel $9.50-$28.50
Love these customizable beach towels! No more fighting over who's who's!

Reversible Awning Stripe Beach Towel $39.50- $49.50

Home Accessories
I was a little let down to find that most of PB's home decor was over budget (including this horse head... darn) but I did find a couple great items! I'm a sucker for classic pieces that stand the test of time. I have found that buying glass canisters/vases from discount stores can be a gamble based on quality. PB does not disappoint in this department. Their glassware is thick and durable! My favorite find were their classic glass canisters which come in all shapes and sizes, can be used in any room of the house for various purposes and (of course) can be monogrammed (you're starting to see a trend)! 

PB Classic Glass Canister $19.50-$44.50
I really love these display boxes! What a unique way to display your favorite jewelry or family heirlooms!
Elaine Glass Display Box $29-$49
Most of the lanterns and candle holders were over budget but not these! And you can even change the display with the seasons!
Glass Display Pillar Holder $24-$34
I have come to the conclusion that not only the 'rich and famous' can shop at PB! We can too! Of course, there were many more options available at my price point but I chose my favorites! I also chose pieces that are hard to find anywhere else. These are all great choices if you are attending a wedding shower or housewarming party and would like to show up with a name brand tag without blowing your entire paycheck. 

So what did I end up purchasing (drum roll pleaseeeee)... I chose my absolute favorite and that was the Porter Throw in Blue Smoke. I was blown away by the price and it is everything I love about a throw blanket (soft and cuddly) and added a nice texture to my living room. 

All in all this was an awesome learning experience and I had so much fun! This has inspired me to complete this challenge with other 'Designer' stores in the future! I welcome any and all suggestions!

How would you spend $50 at Pottery Barn? Let me know in the comments below! 

And as always, Thank you for visiting {R&R} at home!


  1. I have no idea how I'd spend $50 because there'd be like 50 different things I want and I'd have to choose just one. First world problems!!

    Mai | logfurnitureplace.com

    1. I agree!! :) It is definitely a difficult challenge!


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