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Saturday, May 9, 2015

We have all heard of the ‘Golden Rule’ but this post isn’t about how to treat others. The golden rule I am referring to is about how you treat your home!

There seems to be a list trend in blogs lately and I am going to follow the lead! As I was sitting down to write this post I simply sat in my living room, looked around and realized that each room in my house is a reflection of a set of ‘rules’ I come to live by when decorating my home. So, this post will be all about what I have come to call my ‘Golden Rules’.

1. Function
This is the latest rule I have added to my list. After recently downsizing from a whopping 3.000 square foot home to a cozy 1,000 square feet I quickly learned how to make my home pretty but functional. Before, with what seemed like endless amounts of space, I never thought twice before purchasing miscellaneous items to add to my home because I knew I would eventually find a place for them. Now, before I purchase anything I like to know exactly where it is going to go and I ask myself if I think it will add 'decor clutter' or serve a purpose. I am also learning to incorporate the 'one in, one out' theory of if you bring one new item into your home, move one thing out. While the obvious shrinkage of space in my home brought about this change of mindset it is something that will stick with me when decorating future homes because living simply is simply a better way to live. (Side note: There are definitely exceptions to this rule being that all pieces you add to your home do not have to be functional but it is a good thing to keep in mind if you are ogling at all the new goodies in the middle of, say, Target) 

2. Storage
Let me start by saying this: baskets, baskets, baskets. Here you will see me apply my ‘never too many’ theory. Baskets provide decorative storage to all the clutter that accumulates around your house (you know it’s there). There is at least one basket in every room of my house (if not two). You can apply this rule with limitless possibilities. If you are not a fan of wicker then substitute any type of decorate storage container (i.e. wooden milk crates, old traveling trunks, etc.). The point here is to keep you clutter contained. While R and I do not have children (yet) I know this rule will come in handy when it comes to storing toys (we have definitely applied this rule with our pups).

Cute storage above the refrigerator for lunch bags!

Simple bathroom storage!

3. Comfort
There are three keys to comfort in my space: Pillows, Blankets and Candles. This girl can never have too many throw pillows. Upgrading your pillows every few seasons can completely update your space to the changing seasons, trends, etc. Moving right along to blankets (something else I cannot get enough of!). Everyone loves a nice blanket when cuddling up to watch a movie, or chatting with girlfriends over a glass of wine. I like to have a tons of blankets readily available should the ‘cozy’ mood strike (they also add a nice touch on the back of a couch). And hey, throw em’ in a basket to keep them readily available but decoratively contained (see rule #2)! Candles are also a ‘comfort’ must. They bring a warm, romantic ambiance to your space while also making your home smell wonderful. Enough said.

4. Life
Bring life to your space by bringing the outside in (or in my case, the idea of the outside). I know for a fact that there are experts out there who would disagree with me on this one but I love me some faux floral arrangements. The truth is that I hate real flowers (at least in my home). Don’t get me wrong, a dozen roses for Valentine’s Day or our anniversary are a nice surprise but for every day living I just cannot stand real flowers. I hate that they die and constantly need to be replaced. Instead, I love the look that faux flowers add to a space! And now-a-days you can find so many faux options that look unbelievably real (some of them even have faux dew on the petals for goodness sake). If you have the patience for real flowers then by all means add floral arrangements throughout your space! And if you’re not into peonies and hydrangeas then maybe you substitute greenery or succulents. In that case, you can find many low maintenance options that are the real deal.

See how I made this terrarium here!

5. Neutrals
I am all about neutrals. If you’re on a budget (I know I am!) neutrals are your best friend. They go with everything so you can make updates to your decor every now and then without having to completely re-do your space. If your taste changes with the trends then you will probably find yourself wanting to update your space at least every couple of years and sticking to neutral colors in terms of the big stuff (i.e. furniture, rugs, paint selections) will allow you this creative freedom. 

6. Personalization
Pictures are a way for you to add that personal touch to your space. This personalization is literally what can separate your home from looking staged to feeling 'homey' (when staging a home you are asking to remove all personal pictures from the space in order to appeal to the most amount of buyers). There are so many different ways to incorporate pictures of your friends, family, and furry loved ones into a room from gallery walls to elegant table frames. I love to look around a room I am sitting in and be filled with memories. I also like to apply this rule in simple ways like arranging a shelf. For example, I love the way stacked books and magazines look arranged neatly on a shelf but I make sure to choose books that R and I love!

                                            Yes, that is "Marcell the shell with shoes on"!

7. Splurge
I am typically pretty frugal in regards to my home's decor. I find most items at discount stores like HomeGoods, Ikea, Target and Amazon. That being said, I know when to splurge. I typically apply this rule to any piece I think will stay with my home for at least five years. I also ask myself how much of everyday life the piece in question is going to have to endure. Most of our furniture has been with us since our first home (almost 4 years ago now!) and I don't see myself switching them out anytime soon. After three big moves, two shedding dogs, and countless TV dinners I can officially say that spending the extra $500 for a quality couch was worth it. Basically my point here is invest in quality pieces if you can (also, see rule #5 to make sure it can stand the test of trend-changing time). 

8. You do you
I have said it from day one; I am not an expert. I honestly make decisions in my space based on what I like and what makes my house feel like home to me. At then end of the day, I am the one who has to live in it so sometimes I just forget the rules and buy the pointless gold sphere to put on my shelf (totally worth it).

Thank you for visiting {R&R} at home. What are your decorating Golden Rules? Let me know if the comments below!

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