{R} Favorites Friday- All Things White

Friday, July 31, 2015

{R} Favorite trend this week is all things white!

I am a huge fan of white (which is an everyday struggle because I am also a huge procrastinator when it comes to cleaning... My 'adulting' level is a work in progress). One of the many things I have learned by living in a small house is that white makes any space look and feel larger and that is because white is a color (or not a color if you want to get technical) that visually does not take up space. So, when R and I moved into our little house here on Michigan Avenue I knew I wanted white to be a major theme throughout the house.

Here are {R} favorite ways to incorporate the white trend into your home's decor!

DIY West Elm Inspired Curtain Rod

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

So excited to share my latest DIY project! Today I am going to be sharing my very own take on West Elm's metal curtain rods!

(This post may contain affiliate links- for details read my full disclosure here)

I was featured!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

See my feature here!

Other than my 'Welcome' post I really haven't written anything that didn't involve a DIY project or Favorites Friday. Well, today I am so excited and I have to share!

I recently decided to take my blogging game up a notch and join the wonderful world of 'Link Up Parties'. My first link-up party was last week's Saturday Sparks hosted by the fabulous Suzanne over at Pieced Pastimes. Since then, I have found a few other parties that I will be joining in on every week (see list in the Parties & Features above ^).

So, let's set the scene. It's early Saturday morning. I've just let the pups out and made myself my morning cup of coffee (with extra cream because hey, it's the week-end so I treat myself!) and I sit down to join my Saturday link-up. As I log-in I see a picture of my bedroom on the site... It took me all of 10 seconds to realize that I was a featured post from last week's link-up! I scream and wake up the hubby to come see.

I'm really just proud beyond belief. Starting a blog is hard and getting people to be interested in what you have to say and projects you have to share in such a saturated market is both humbling and overwhelming. I think what really had me beaming from ear to ear was the simple fact that this was the first party I posted to and the next week I was featured! This could not have come at a better time as I have been feeling down about my little ol' bloggy blog (mostly that I am nowhere near ready to post a 'home tour' which is the bread and butter of home blogging). So, Thank You Suzanne for lifting my spirits and featuring me on your link-up! You have a forever follower and I will be back every week to party with you :)

I'd love to hear about the first time you were featured! Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you for stopping by to visit (and listen to me rant) with {R&R} at home!

{R} Favorites Fridays- Tassels/Pom-Poms

Friday, July 24, 2015

Happy Friday! You'll notice that the name of this feature post has changed! I'm trying to bring some consistency to my blogging habits so I am holding myself accountable to these posts every Friday... that way if you're following along you can expect a post at least once a week in relation to {R} favorite home trends.

{R} favorite trend this week is pom-poms/tassel fringe! So much so that I just ordered TONS of mint pom pom trim to use on my next DIY project (hint: more curtains!)

All the pom pom trim!

This trend is showing up everywhere right now, including in fashion! This is such a fun trend that can be used playfully for kids rooms or to add color and interest to your grown-up space.

Here {R} 5 ways to add this trend to your home!

DIY Spray Painted Lamps

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

{R} here with another fabulous DIY project!

Back in the day my master bedroom's color scheme was gold and purple. That meant that I had decked out the space in all things (you guessed it) gold and purple. When we moved into our quaint little cottage here in the Chicago suburbs I knew I would have to change a few things to make our space look and feel larger. Color schemes were one of these and since we spend a lot of time in our master bedroom (even if it is mostly sleeping) I knew that purple was out.

When I am looking to re-do a room (even if it is just color scheme) I think of how I want to feel when I am in that room. R and I love staying in hotels and beach vacations so I wanted to make our master feel like a hotel room on the beach (without a 'beach house' vibe). I chose the color palette of white (or cream), gold and mint.

So, what's all my rambling about? Well, I got a little carried away in the back story because I'm not really revealing a bedroom makeover (someday... in my 'home 'tour') but I am revealing our re-vamped lamps!

{R} Favorites- Drum Stools

Thursday, July 16, 2015

{R} Favorite trend this week is the drum stool!

I had a lot on my birthday list this year but the one thing I could not wait to open (I knew R would come through) was my red drum stool to add to our outdoor patio set!

I don't know what it is about this trend that sucked me in but I just had to have one. I love the look and versatility of these stools. Much like we learned last week in {R} Favorites- The Pouf, the drum stool (also referred to as a 'garden stool') can be many things; a foot stool, a side table, a planter, or simply a decorative accent you use to add some color to a room. Needless to say this is another home must right now!

Drum stools comes in all colors, shapes and sizes. Here are {R} Favorite drum stool finds!

DIY No Sew Greek Key Curtains

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

{R} here and my inner DIY goddess has come out to play! I am so excited to share my newest DIY project. I want to give a quick shout out to one of my favorite bloggers, A View Along The Way, because I found her project via Pinterest and followed her steps!

A little back story... I have been racking my brain for two years on what curtains to add to our 'master'. After completing our DIY stripe wall I decided it was time to dress the windows and after finding inspiration from other bloggers I decided this would be the perfect project. This was one for the books because it required patience (a trait I often lack).

How to hang outdoor wall decor!

Friday, July 10, 2015

{R} here and I have a quick, informative post for you! I just had to share this with everyone. Have you ever wanted to hang things outdoors without leaving holes in your siding? Well, I searched forever for a solution and finally found one!

{R} Favorites- The Pouf

Thursday, July 9, 2015

{R} Favorite trend this week is the pouf!

You've seen them on Pinterest. You've spotted them at Target. But what is a pouf? How do you even spell pouf? Is it a seat or an ottoman? All questions I'm sure you've asked yourself. But, if you love decorative and functional elements in your home then you need at least one of these.

Poufs really are whatever you want them to be. They can be an ottomon, extra seating, eye candy. You name it and 'Poof!' you've got it (I'm getting carried away now). But really, they are a trend that I just can't get enough of.

Here are {R} favorite pouf finds!

DIY Headboard

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

My inner DIY goddess is at it again!

Sometimes I like to buy nice things, other times I like to make them! This project was actually 4 years in the making because we completed it in 'shifts' and it is one that I would like to call 'Beginner DIY' as this was one of the first DIY projects {R} and I completed.

Recently after getting hitched and moving into our third apartment together, we decided to upgrade to our first king sized bed (and now we're never going back!). With that meant we needed a new bed frame. We didn't have tons of money to spend and new headboards/frames are expensive! So this crafty girl decided to make her own. 

Introducing: {R} Favorites- All about that Ikat!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

When I started this blog I had grandiose ideas of what it would be. I imagined picking a project every week to complete, taking pictures of said project, editing those pictures, while also having time to blog about it. It didn't take me long for reality to sink in. Not only do I not have the time for that type of blogging lifestyle (what with a full time job, two pups and a hubby to cater to) but I also lack the space to complete 52 projects a year (for now at least)! So what's a girl with big blogging dreams to do?

Well, I was on the train home after work (a daily routine I have a love/hate relationship with) and was doing my daily Pinterest ritual (you know... pinning and envisioning my perfect home, my perfect meal plan, and my perfect body, ha!) and I was trying to find a way to incorporate my favorite trends into my blog without having to always incorporate them into my own home (I mean my budget can only allow so many home updates every year). So {R&R} is transforming, in a way, from being a blog all about our home projects (don't worry I'll still do those too!) to a place to also share all of my thoughts/ideas regarding house and home.

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