$100 Room Challenge: Master Closet Reveal

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Welcome to REVEAL WEEK of the $100 Room Challenge! I am so so excited to share my new master closet with y'all!

If you are just tuning in you can catch up below. 

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I am so excited to reveal my new master closet! I think I surprised even myself with how much this space needed a makeover.

Let's take a look at where we started.

Dark, dated and seriously lacking function.


My muse for this space was the Ikea Billy Bookcase. When I first started researching closet makeovers I came across the idea to use this budget friendly alternative. My entire design hinged on this bookcase. At first I was determined to find it used via Marketplace but I grew impatient and decided to bite the bullet and spend 1/2 of my budget on a new one. The very same day I went to pick it up, a free one popped up on FB. Facepalm. Oh well. What's done is done.

In Week 1, I shared my vision for this space. I also gave this room a completely blank slate by painting everything white and installing my billy bookcase.

Last week I shared how I created this fun DIY Wallpaper effect using a foam paint brush and some leftover paint.


Now let's get to the reveal of this space! I absolutely love how this space came together. It puts the 'fun' in functional!

The right side of the closet got the biggest change by raising one shelf/bar system to fit dresses and adding in the billy bookcase.

The view on this side of the closet didn't change much but paint did wonders for updating the shelves and so did some organizing.

Color sorting FTW!

Never underestimate the power of evenly spaced hangers!

In regards to organization I kept it simple by bunching my clothes in sections; sweaters, jeans, tank tops, t-shirts and long sleeve shirts. 

I really fooled myself into thinking I wasn't a shoe person until getting to have fun seeing my collection in front of me.

I even realized I am such a shoe person that I keep a fun studded pair just to look at (because who am I kidding... I have nowhere to wear these nowadays).

I kept the top of the dresser pretty simple. Originally, I thought about adding a mirror here but I felt it took away from the DIY Wallpaper that I worked so hard on.

Tip: Use a basket as a catch all for jewelry, change, etc. that you may take off at the end of the day.

Can I just get some sympathy for having to take pictures of a closet with zero natural light. Ugh.

Truth be told- I contemplated 'styling' this space more... as in taking half of my clothes out and only adding in neutrals to be more camera friendly but I really wanted this reveal to be real. I wanted to show you what it looks like as a real closet.

I was truly committed to the cause because I was gifted some new velvet hangers for this space for Christmas and I swapped everything out to be my original white plastic hangers in order to be honest and attempt to stay within budget.

Speaking of budget... now is the big question.... did I stay on budget? Well, technically.... no. Womp womp. 😞 BUT (and this is a big but)... I COULD have been way under budget. Let me plead my case; Exhibit A) I came across TWO free Billy bookcases on Marketplace during this challenge but it was during Christmas and I felt it was more important to spend time with family and Exhibit B) I chose to splurge on paint. I have buckets of white paint all over the place but I made the choice to color match so that every single thing was the same color. Looking back, this might have been unnecessary since this room has absolutely zero natural light. I could have gotten away with using what I had on hand.

Cost Breakdown:
New Dresser- $45
Ikea Billy Bookcase- $50
Lamp Shade- $8
Paint- $35
Grand Total- $138

I'm still calling this a win! Closets can cost THOUSANDS to re-do but with a little paint and elbow grease I was able to make mine feel custom and so fun for way less!

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  1. Rebecca, you have inspired me to makeover my closet. I bet you smile every time you open the closet door. I would definitely call this a win considering how functional and pretty this space is.

  2. It looks like a little boutique, it's beautiful! GREAT job Rebecca.

  3. I love how it turned out! By color blocking your clothes it makes it look so organized, I need to try that LOL! My favorite is the faux wallpaper, just so pretty!

  4. Your makeovers are always amazing! The DIY wallpaper definitely steals the show in this space. And I love that you kept it real by actually showing ALL the clothes instead of having one or two items hanging in the closet (like I see in so many reveal shots... which I totally get). Also 5 stars for shooting these pictures with no natural light! As always, you did an incredible job! I love when you join these challenges because I KNOW you're going to create something awesome!

  5. I want this closet!!! I love the white with the patterned wall in the back - it makes the perfect backdrop for your clothes. And the color sorting just makes me happy. ;) Beautiful makeover!

  6. This is just beautiful, I believe every closet should be pretty, like shopping in your own custom store for you.

  7. Rebecca,
    This is amazing! I love the fun wall and your organization is perfect.

  8. I loove how it turned out! It looks so pretty and bright. What a difference you made!

  9. This little closet makeover is amazing Rebecca! The lamp shade, diy wallpaper, and bookcase shoe storage are such attainable projects anyone can do! Even at $38 over, it's still pretty affordable- so I agree WINNING!

  10. I love this! So pretty! Love how you made paint look like wallpaper... I wouldn't think I could ever accomplish that, but several $100 room challengers did it! The Billy bookcase for shoes was a great idea, too, and even though you left it "real" with all your clothes in it, it still looks great!


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