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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I'm all about stripes in my home! Pillows, duvets, curtains... You name it and I probably have a striped version. But my favorite way to include them? On the wall!

Creating your own stripe wall is easier than you think! I was very surprised the first time I tried this project at just how easy it is and how little time it takes.

The first wall that I painted with stripes (and the one I will be featuring in the post) was in the hallway in my first home in Kansas. This was a little more of an 'intermediate' project than most striped walls based on all the nooks and cranny's I needed to measure the stripes for. But it turned out wonderful and made the space look so much larger (this is a definite must in smaller spaces)! That hallway was my pride and joy... I miss it :(

I decided it was time to add the stripe wall to our house here in Chicago! Our house is pretty small (I'm sure you've heard me say that before) and the bedrooms are no exception. Our master measures roughly 12' by 12' (i'm surprised we fit our bed in there!). I thought that much like the hallway in our first home, adding stripes to the wall that our bed is against would help give the illusion of a larger room and I was right! Note: I forgot to take true 'in progress' pics so I will be using the photos from my first stripe wall (this project was pre- {R&R} at home).

Let's get started!

What you will need:
  • Paint 
    • Rule of Thumb: For a less dramatic look, stick to a couple shades darker than your existing paint color. For a more dramatic look, pick any color your heart desires! 
    • Amount: Depending on the size of the space you are painting you may only need a quart!
  • Paint Brush 
  • Paint roller 
  • Frog tape (The yellow or green kind)
  • Pencil
  • Tape Measure 
  • Patience 
Now, let me start by saying that I the furthest there is from a patient person. So if I can do this (and almost completely on my own) then so can you!

Step 1: Prep your walls

Just like painting any other wall you will need to 'dust' the walls in order to remove anything that could prohibit your tape/paint from sticking. A simple once over with a dry rag should do the trick!

Step 2: Measure your stripes

Grap that pencil and measuring tape! I typically like to make each of my stripes 12' (One foot) in height. This makes measuring super simple. Start at the ceiling and work your way down. I like to mark these measurements about every 3 feet across on the wall as this will make taping super easy.

Step 3: Tape off your stripes

This is when you may want to grab a buddy (Although it can be done alone). You also will want to determine if you will start with a painted stripe on top or if you will be leaving the top stripe unpainted. You'll notice in the list of items you will need above I listed Frog Tape. This is because I stand by this product. If you already have painters tape by all means that will work. However, when you are painting a design on your wall you want the lines to be on point and this tape has always done the trick for me! So if you don't already have painters tape lying around then go with this product!

Another (obvious) pointer: Depending on if the the portion you are taping off will be the painted or non-painted will determine how you tape the wall. You'll notice in the picture below that some stripes appear smaller. That is because those will be left unpainted so the tape is within the stripe.

Step 4: Paint your stripes

Now, the real work is over and the fun part begins! With this type of painting job I typically use a small roller but a regular size may get the job done quicker. It's all about painting preference! The amount of coats you will do depends on the color. For this job, I needed three coats.

Step 5: Clean up time!

I am including this as a step because it is very important to take your time in removing the tape from your walls (especially if you are impatient like me and complete this step while the walls are still wet... I don't advise doing this). Wait until the paint has dried and begin removing the tape.

Check out those clean lines!! 

Step 6: Stare in Awe at an amazing job well done! 

Great Job! You are officially a part of the DIY Goddess Club!

Here are some pictures from my most recent stripe wall adventure! (I know now to over-document every project!)

Share your Stripe Walls with me in the comments below! I cannot wait to see them!

And as always, Thank you for visiting {R&R} at home!

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