Happy New Year!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Happy New Year!

I can't believe it is already a new year (and two weeks in at that!) After a six month hiatus from {R&R} I am back with big ideas! And what a perfect time as we ring in the New Year!

I love the idea of a fresh start. And that is exactly what each new year brings us! I have started a lot of projects/made a lot of plans as a result of a New Year's resolution but this year I am not setting any large expectations for myself other than to find happiness in the beautiful mess that is everyday life.

There is no single reason for my break from blogging but more a mixture of life in general. Work got busy, the holidays were approaching (they always sneak up so fast!), and, if i'm being honest, I started to feel very overwhelmed by the blogging world. If you have ever started a blog (or any large project) you know that the excitement alone can provide oodles of energy. Add in a few of your first 'features' and you're fueled with enthusiasm. I admit that when I get overwhelmed I tend to lose focus on the bigger picture but this year's resolution (see above) helped me realize that at the end of the day I started this journey for me, myself and I as an outlet to share my love of all things DIY and Home Decor with other enthusiasts. All that being said, I am back with so many ideas to share in 2016!

I couldn't wait to get started so my first post of 2016 is an inspiration board. Recently, I made the decision to enroll in a class to help me earn my PHR certificate (Professional in Human Resources). Naturally, with going 'back to school' and all, I thought it was the perfect time to add an office to our house. While we have extra bedrooms we use one as an extra closet (small house, small closets) and the other as a guest room that I would rather not serve dual purposes. So, it was time to get creative with our space! We have a decent sized finished basement that is generally unused (other than an area claimed by my hubby as his 'man cave'.) With all of my crafting, studying etc. I thought a built in desk would be the perfect way to utilize this otherwise un-used space! My goal is to have this project completed by March (when my class starts) for under $1000.

Let's get started!

I was majorly inspired by my Dad and Step-Mom's new built in desk area (see photo below). I love that there are two work stations (this seems to be a common theme as I have started my research)! I think it's such a great idea for a couple, roommates or to use as a family homework station!

This Easy DIY Built In Desk by Finding Home Farms is completely DIY and I love that it was built in a [somewhat] awkward space!

Easy DIY Built In Desk 

If I wasn't dreaming of a completely built-in look I would definitely be following I Heart Organizing 's brilliant Ikea hack (who doesn't love a good I-Hack)!

i heart organizing (link)
I'm also ogling at this family command center created by Aqua Lane Design! #heartemoji

How to create a family command center (link)
Here is another 100% DIY desk by Young House Love! I love the trend of incorporating an office space into your main living area. This is a great idea for families that want an office but may not want need privacy. Also great for those who work from home with little ones!

Young House Love
How To Make a Planked Wood Desktop Cabinet / Making A Big Double Desk with Secondhand Cabinets / Adding Moulding to Cabinets to Make Them Look Built-In 

I am currently in the 'drawing board' stages of my design of our soon-to-be office space and I've already discovered a few things working against me. One is that I am not necessarily a carpenter (a.k.a not at all... though it is a dream to become a carpenter's apprentice and build all the things). Another is that it is extremely difficult to find cabinets at desk height. And lastly, my budget is small (no surprise with that one... it's my challenge!).

Set backs and all, I am determined to find a way to make this happen! I will be sharing my progress along the way so be sure to check back for updates! I would love inspiration so please share your office space in the comments below :)

And as always, Thank you for stopping by to visit with {R&R} at home!


  1. Love it! We're trying to get a home office together too! We're looking at just one large desk unit, but they're so expensive!!

    1. Agreed! I ALMOST spent $2000+ on a Pottery Barn built in desk and then thought, No! I can DIY it for much cheaper ! Honestly, check out the modular desk systems at IKEA! They have so many options for piecing together a large desk/work station! Ive been doing tons of research so let me know if you need ideas/inspiration!

  2. Everything is spectacular! I love these organizing ideas. They are perfect for a home buddy like me.


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