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Monday, May 2, 2016

Jute rugs are all the rage right now! With so many variations there is sure to be one to fit your taste.

I have been wanting to add a jute rug to our home for a while. I love the texture they add to a space while also providing a clean, casual look. I first wanted to add this rug to our family room but with a light colored couch I was afraid a natural jute rug would make our living room turn into 50 shades of beige. We were lacking a rug for the eat in kitchen area and since jute rugs are a great option for casual spaces I thought this would be the perfect place to put one! 

I have honestly been 'in the market' for one of these rugs for about 6 months (mostly because I haven't had anywhere to put one until recently #newhouse) so I have had plenty of time to do research. Like I mentioned earlier, there are so many options for this style of rug so I have put together a list of my favorites plus the reveal of how I have incorporated this trend in our eat in kitchen area!

My first stop when looking for home decor anything is Target (i'm an addict) and I was pleasantly surprised to find they had [almost] exactly what I was looking for! You can choose a 2' by 3' all the way up to an 8' by 10'. I actually had purchased the smallest size for my back door prior to this search and love it! You'll notice that there are slight hints of green in the thread which adds a little color to an otherwise very beige rug.

Theshold Annandale Area Rug- 5' by 7' $99.99 (Target)

World Market offers up a very unique textile selection at decent prices. I found a Jute rug to my liking but it was priced slightly higher than the competition. 

Natural Basket Weave Jute Rug- 5' by 8' $129.99 (World Market)
World Market also has an option with a little more color in the thread! Not my style but a great option for someone looking for a little more flair.

Tiy Dye Chunky Jute Simeon Rug- 6' by 9' $159.99 (World Market)

I had heard that Wayfair.com has an awesome selection of rugs so I decided to check it out and was pleasantly surprised to find tons of options available. 

Helvetia Hand-Woven Natural Jute Rug- 5' b 7' $445.72 (Wayfair.com)
During my research I realized that there are several color options for Jute Rugs. I am partial to the 'Natural' shade but figured I would add these to my list for those of you looking for a different option.

Safavieh Natural Fiber Grey Rug- 5' by 8' $186.89 (Wayfair.com) 
I then headed over to Overstock.com to see what they had to offer. They also had several options of Jute Rugs. My favorite was this nuLOOM Eco rug. This variation has a freyed edge which adds some character. It also comes in 5 color options! 

nuLOOM Handmade Eco Natural Fiber Chunky Loop Jute Rug- 8' by 9' $234.99 (Overstock.com)
I actually ended up with the most economical option of all from Ikea! I was so excited to find this for only $80 (and ended up grabbing the last one in my store.. score!). These rugs are available online of in store in two sizes. 

LOHALS Rug- 5' by 7' $79.99 (Ikea)
So far we are loving the new Jute Rug addition to our kitchen!

I couldn't resist adding this photo bomber :) 

Where would you add a Jute Rug in your home? Let me know in the comments below! 

As always, Thank you for visiting {R&R} at home!

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  1. I like your choice. That nuLOOM ecorug looks really good on your kitchen. Maybe, my kitchen needs it, too. :)


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