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Monday, March 19, 2018

I cannot believe I have let over two months go by since the New Year New Room Refresh ended to post this DIY Map Art tutorial! This fun map art was part of my original room mood board and my DIY version turned out so much better than I was expecting!

Typically when I am looking to do a DIY project it is to save money and this time I think I might have actually broke even. I was inspired by this art I saw at Hobby Lobby but I knew I wanted to create a larger version on an actual map. I also wanted to put my new Cricut machine to the test! This project was not without it's hiccups which is a reason that I spent a tad more than I was hoping getting this completed!

Let's get started!

What you will need:
The first step in this project is getting the lettering on the map. I had an epic fail my first go round with this using transfer tape. I did a big ol' face palm when I applied my first vinyl letter to this map realizing I had just stuck very sticky tape to paper. After trying ever so carefully to peel back the transfer tape without ripping the map it was a no go. So, I asked my favorite DIY helpers- my Instagram followers- for their tips on applying vinyl to paper. I was given the best tip by a fellow blogger to use contact paper from the Dollar Store instead of actual transfer tape. Not only did this work like a charm but it is a major money saver as well!

To create my lettering I used the font Magnola Sky at a 300 size. I had to apply the letters in groups as my Cricut mat is 12" by 12". Here is the design if you're interested in making this yourself!

Once the vinyl letters were added it was time to add my wood 'frame'. I put air quotes (or at least I did over here) around frame because really I wanted this map to have a scroll like feel, so I only wanted to add wood on the top of the map. I did this by wood gluing the map to the wood, clamped it and let it sit overnight.

Once the wood was attached it was time to prep this to be hung. I simply tacked two thumbtacks to the top of the wood piece and tied twine around each tack.

It's ready to be displayed!

This project was so fun and SO inexpensive! I absolutely love how it turned out and I think it is the perfect addition to Hudson's playroom!

Have you created any fun map art projects? Share them with me in the comments below!

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