How to Make Cabinet Wreaths

Friday, November 9, 2018

I have always been someone who decorates every inch of our house for Christmas (yes... even the bathrooms!). I just love to walk into any room and feel that holiday spirit! Decorating my kitchen for Christmas was the most fun this year since painting our cabinets white (see full tutorial here)! One of the things I knew I wanted to do this year was add some fun wreaths on our cabinet doors!

This project is so so simple and so affordable and it adds the perfect amount of Christmas charm!

What you will need (this post may contain affiliate links- you can read my full disclosure here):

The first thing I did was measure exactly how big I wanted the wreaths to be. I decided to make mine about 5' in diameter.

Once I had the measurements I simply twisted the garland around two times to make the wreaths look more full.

Then, I measured how long I needed the ribbon to hang at the right length on the cabinet and cut multiple lengths of ribbon to make sure they were all uniform. Then, I tied about 3 inches of the ribbon around the top of the wreath and glued it down.

Once it was dry I simply taped it to the back of the cabinet.

That's it y'all! So simple!

How do you decorate your kitchen for the holidays? Share your projects in the comments below!

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  1. Pretty and budget friendly DIY project! That is always a winner in my book. I will be pinning this post to my Easy Christmas Crafts board.

    1. Thank you!! That is exactly how I like my projects too- easy and CHEAP!!


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