Semi-DIY Cinema Marquee Sign

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Hi there! So excited to share a recent project that we completed for our theater room (still can't believe I can say that...). I call this semi-DIY because I realize that I didn't actually create the individual marquee letters- but I had the idea to turn them into a 'Cinema' sign! I am also giving a tutorial on hanging letters (or anything) on the wall without making a bunch of holes (although that did accidentally happen to me...keep reading to find out).

We recently moved into our #dreamhome equipped with a home theater. I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do in terms of decor in this room and the hubby insisted that he wanted to be the one making all of the decisions (I suppose he finally wanted an official 'man cave'). Well, I couldn't help but take over and the hubby is pleased with my plan (win win)! The room is nowhere near complete but I have so many ideas and I figured his marquee sign would be the perfect starting point!

I can't quite pinpoint the exact moment I realized I wanted to do this but as soon as the idea came into my head I started researching marquee letters. I do most of my research online and came across these from Michaels.
Studio Decor Marquee Letter, 9"- $29.99 per letter
They were the perfect mix of rustic and industrial and I thought they would tie in perfectly in the space! I also loved the on/off switch conveniently located on the side so that once they were hung I wouldn't have to mess with removing them completely to turn each letter on or off. At the time I spotted these they were not on sale and the $30 price tag scared me a bit. Michaels often has coupons on their site ranging from 30-40% off one item but I didn't want to waste my afternoon driving to six different Michaels stores to try and get a deal. So, I waited. Sure enough a week later all of their marquee letters were 60% off!! So I snatched them up (and all in one trip- phew)!

Now it came time to hanging the letters. I have only put two holes in the wall since moving into our new home as I didn't want to fall into my old eye-balling habit and end up with holes all over the place so I decided to be patient, take my time and do it right!

I spaced out my letters how I wanted them displayed on the wall and then flipped them over to expose the hole that they would hang from (I've been racking my brain for a more technical term- is there one?).

I then wanted to make sure that each letter was spaced out equally so I busted out my cute little tape measure (not sure what else you could measure with this little thing but it was perfect for this job).

I measured exactly 2" between each letter.

Now that my letters were in order I took some frog tape (this just happened to be in the junk drawer nearby- any tape will work) and taped over each 'hole that they would hang from' (again- what is the technical term!) .

Then I simply marked where each hole was located (careful not to move any letters).

Once all holes were marked I placed the tape on the wall exactly where I wanted the letters to hang (this is the part where I'm a dummy and placed it backwards #facepalm). I used a laser level to make sure it was straight.

Then, I simply made a small hole where each mark on the tape was.

Finally, I hung my letters, turned them on and let them shine!

I would love to show a full view of this room but our basement is currently in disarray after a minor flooding issue. Hopefully new carpet will be installed within the next week or so and I will make sure to update this page with more pics!

I just love how this project turned out. Again, I know it's not 100% DIY but the idea was all mine :) I cannot wait to enjoy movie nights in the future!

How have you used letters in your space? Share them in the comments below!

As always, Thank you for visiting {R&R} at home!


  1. Love this! I never thought to add tape behind a sign to place it better especially when you have multiple frames! So excited to meet your space one day :)

    1. Thank you Linette!! Can't wait to have you over!!

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