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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

It has been a little over a month since moving into our new home and my shopping wish list continues to grow. My goal is to allow myself one big purchase a month. Unfortunately, my budget for the next couple of months was eaten up by an unexpected purchase of a new sump pump and all new carpet for the basement (sad face). You see, last Thursday our sump pump simply stopped working and after a heavy rain our entire basement flooded (ugly cry face). More on that debacle later.

So, since it will be a few months before I am making any big purchases I have been 'window' shopping. There are a few priority items on my list first of all being a new TV stand for the living room. There a couple of reasons this is a must; First of all, we have had our current TV stand since {R} and I started dating back in 2008. While this $99 Walmart buy has definitely stood the test of time I am looking for more of a statement piece. This brings me to the second reason this is a priority and that is that our TV is pretty much the first thing you see when you walk into our house.

Today as I sat in my kitchen doing a little window shopping (aka scouring Pinterest for inspiration) I thought I might just take a gaaaaander at what Restoration Hardware has to offer. I do not typically even look because I know that their furniture (and probably anything really) is wayyyy out of my budget. But I just wanted to take a looksy. Then I saw it. The 'Printmakers Media Console'. It was everything I have ever wished for in a TV stand (I know this is getting dramatic but just humor me here). It was everything I wished for and only $1500 to make it mine. After briefly considering opening a new credit card to make this beautiful piece mine I remembered the basement we have to repair. And the ever growing wish list. I realized quickly that unless I won the lottery this was not a TV stand I could ever own. So I did what I do best and looked for a more economical option.

It honestly did not take me long to find a near exact match at less than half the price! While I am still a few months away from my next 'big' purchase for the new house (which I consider anything over $100) I have definitely added this to my wish list.

Top | Restoration Hardware- Printmakers Media Console
Bottom | Ashley Furniture- Keeblan TV Stand

Have you found any good 'steals' lately? Share them in the comments below!

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