$100 Room Makeover Challenge- Week 1

Monday, September 11, 2017

Hi there!

I am excited to say that I am joining the $100 Room Challenge for the month of September! What is the $100 room challenge? Well it is as simple as it sounds- you choose a room and transform it for under $100 in a month! I have sort of done this challenge before without calling it that when I gave our powder room a makeover. Anyway, I am going to be sharing the progress here on the blog!

I have decided that my mudroom is my next victim for this challenge! I have been wanting to give this room a makeover since the day we purchased this house! I have put together a mood board to give you an idea of what I'm thinking. First, let's take a quick look at the 'before' of this room.

Even when a ton of natural light is pouring in through our back door this room just feels so dark! So now that you see where I am starting let's take a look at my plans for the makeover!

{1}:World Imports Lighting- Amazon $60 {2}: Home Decorators Driftwood Flatweave Bamboo Shade- Home Depot $20 {3}: Iron Gate- Benjamin Moore {4}: Birmingham Black Woven Rug- Dash & Albert {5}: Fladis Basket- Ikea {6}: Passive Grey- Sherwin Williams

As you can see from my moodboard, this makeover is going to be pretty simple. The majority of my focus is on painting the walls and the door. I hope to bring in some texture by adding a bamboo shade to the door and a nice, sturdy rug that will hold up to dirt, water etc. I also want to switch out the existing 'boob light' with this farmhouse style semi-flush mount light. I think it the perfect mudroom light fixture!

Phase 1 will be painting the walls and the door. I have chosen to paint the walls with Passive Grey by Sherwin Williams which is a very light gray color with a slight blue hint. I chose this color because essentially it will be free! I have 1/2 a gallon leftover from our powder room makeover! For the door, I have chosen to use the color 'Iron Gate' by Benjamin Moore in a semi-gloss.

Here is my official 'To Do List' for this makeover:

  • Paint Walls (Sherwin Williams 'Passive')
  • Paint Door (Benjamin Moore 'Iron Gate')
  • Add bamboo shade to door
  • Change out light fixture
  • Add durable rug
  • Add decor- wall art? baskets?

Progress: So far, I have two coats of paint on the walls! I got the urge to do this yesterday when my husband took our son for their nightly walk around the park. He came home and I said 'I hope you didn't like the green color in the mudroom because I painted it', haha! The entire first coat was done before he got home! It is already looking so much brighter 😊

I will be back later this week with more updates from Phase 1! Until then, check out all of the other bloggers completing this challenge!

As always, thank you for visiting R&R at home!


  1. I love the wall color! Looks so much brighter already 😀 I have a matching boob light in my hallway if you need an extra one 😂 Love your new light choice and I can't wait too see if all finished.

    1. Hi Cornelia- Thank you! I am very happy with how it has turned out so far! I JUST finished painting the door and it looks like a completely new space! And aren't those boob lights the WORST! They do their job but now that I have heard them called that I can't think of anything else! Haha!

  2. You're fast! It does look much brighter!

    1. Hi Natalie! Thank you for visiting R&R at home! I am so excited for how this is looking so far!

  3. I love how bright this color made it look!

  4. I love that you just decided to paint the room while your husband was out. It really did brighten the space though. You have some great plans for the space, and I'm so happy to have you joining it!

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