How To Create a Fall Tablescape for under $50!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Hello (f)all!

I am so sorry for being MIA for almost a month! I have had so many projects 'in the works' and waiting to be posted! One project in particular is not complete because I am waiting on a special package to arrive that has been majorly delayed so that has pushed things back a bit. That PLUS I started a part time work from home gig (ALL THE YAYS🙌!) so that has been taking up some of my designated blogging time as well.

Anyway, I'm going to just jump right back in! Today I am bringing you a quick and easy project to transform your kitchen table into a work of art for around $5 per place setting!

Let's first talk about my inspiration. I recently got really serious about my Instagram game (you can follow me @randrathome) and if you know anything about IG you know it's all about styling the perfect photo to add to your collection of beautiful squares. Well, one of the things I have been loving about IG is how I have been inspired and challenged to try new things in terms of decor! One way has been with tablescapes and place settings. I decided to try my hand at this and start simple in my eat in kitchen versus my dining room to keep things casual and not too stressful (or expensive).

The project that I started with was transforming some old silver chargers I had laying around (I literally have had these for YEARS and used them ONCE). With copper being all the rage right now I decided to give them a couple quick coats of spray paint and voila! They are practically brand new! Before I completed this project I did a quick google search and copper colored chargers can be as much as $30! I believe I got these for about a dollar a piece at one point on clearance. I noticed that Michaels has these same chargers this year for $2.29 when they aren't on sale (but everything is typically 40% off).

I found these beautiful napkins from World Market. They are originally $1.99 per napkin but I went on a day that all table linen was 30% off so these ended up being around $1.40 per napkin! I love that they are neutral and can be used for many seasons!

When I was playing around with different place settings I tried using different small wreaths under these bowls but wreaths can be quite pricey so I set out to find a cheaper alternative. Michaels has tons of this fall garland and during a Labor Day sale it was all 60% off (40% plus a 20% coupon!) so I was able to buy 2 for around $10! I simply used a wire cutter to cut these in half to have enough to make 4 wreath type arrangements for each place setting. Total cost was about $2.50 per setting.

So far each place setting has cost me around $5! This does NOT include the dishes but even those are were inexpensive. These simple white plates came in a set of 10 from World Market for around $20 (WITH a stand to hold them all!) and the Rae Dunn bowls are around $3.99 per bowl. So if we are adding it all up we're looking at around $10 per setting! Bur I am pretty sure you can also find plain white plates and bowls at the Dollar Tree!

Here is how I layered each place setting!

First, you will want to start with charger and/or placemat. I have been wanting some jute chargers but I also wanted to do something a little unique. That is why I decided to use these copper chargers. I do believe I could probably have added a jute charger underneath and it would have been really pretty but I was sticking to a budget!

 Next, you will start adding your layers! I went with a simply white plate.

Then, it's time to talk linens. Simple fold a napkin or tea towel centered on your plate.

Now, it is time to have some fun with greenery! This is where I added my fall garland. I love how it incorporates every color from my fall color scheme this year (green, orange, cream)!

Finally, I topped mine off with a simple white bowl. But I have seen many people use a small salad plate and then added another garnish, such as a small pumpkin or acorn. I was trying to keep my settings as simple as possible, though.

And here is a fun graphic for you to save for later if you'd like!

I got thrifty with the rest of my tables decor as well! I am using an old blanket scarf as a runner (I love the idea of blanket scarves but I always feel like i'm wearing just that... a blanket... around my neck... sometimes they can be TOO big). I also put together this centerpiece using this wood tray from Kirklands (it comes with several glass bottles than I am using elsewhere in the house), some greenery from Hobby Lobby and these adorable velvet pumpkins from Target's dollar spot.

All in all, I think this space looks super cute! And it proves you don't need to go out and spend $100 to make a table arrangement for the seasons!

How have you repurposed things around your house? Share with me in the comments below!

As always, thank you for visiting R&R at home!

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