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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

I recently shared our Woodland Nursery reveal that included a DIY Woodland name banner with the promise of a tutorial. Today, I wanted to share how I made it!

When we were finishing up Hudson's Woodland nursery I knew I wanted to include his name somehow. I hadn't done as much DIY in his nursery as I had hoped so I figured this was the perfect project to put my mark on his room.

For Christmas my cousins had gifted us these adorable wood round ornaments they had made from actual trees they cut down on their property. I crossed my fingers they had extras because I envisioned using them for a name banner. I was in luck! (If you're reading this- thank you!!) I assume that not everyone will be as lucky to score wood rounds for free from their cousins so I found a few options for you here. If you are looking to make a banner similar in size to this one you will want to choose rounds that are around 3-4" in diameter.

Once I had the wood rounds I had to figure out how I wanted to display his name. I thought about using a paint pen to simply write out each letter of his name but I didn't know how that would turn out. I was surprised that I was actually one of the first to do a name banner like this so I had to use my own creative juices. I searched around Etsy for a while for various types of letters and finally came across these metals letters from MonsonMetalCo that I thought were perfect. I was beyond excited when they arrived and fit perfectly in the wood rounds!

What you will need:

- Wood Rounds (1 for each letter of name you are using)
- Metals Letters
- Glue Gun
- Rope/Twine

Once I had gathered all my supplies it was time to put the banner together!

Step 1: Drill Holes in rounds

Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of this step because mine came with the holes already drilled. But you will simply want to drill a hole near the edge of the round to place the string through in order to hang the banner.

Step 2. Apply Letters to the rounds

I simply used a glue gun for this but you can use any adhesive you see fit! It may work best with actual wood glue.

Step 3. String rounds

I swear I work on my patience every day (especially now that I am a new mom) but when you're nearly 40 weeks pregnant running to the store sounds terrible so I made do with what I had to complete this banner. I simply used twine to create loops in the holes of the wood rounds and then used one long strand of twine through said loops. I have seen a few wood round banners made with two holes in each round that you can pull the twine through (see below for example).

Step 4. Hang banner

And just like that- you are done! Pat yourself on the back (or belly like I did) and enjoy your LO's name.

Have you made an unconventional banner? Share them with me in the comments below!

As always, Thank you for visiting {R&R} at home!

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