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Monday, May 7, 2018

I know you've heard of a bucket list for life but I wanted to put one together for a list of DIY's I want to get done this summer. I seem to be the most content when I'm busy or have something to look forward to... if that even makes sense. I basically hate to sit still (except if it's guilty pleasure TV time which is currently bingeing Shameless on Netflix!) so busy is my version of content.

Anywho, I wanted to put together this list as a way to inspire myself as well as hold myself accountable! Since moving into our dream home there has been a growing list of projects I wanted to complete and i'm hoping to get a few knocked out this summer!

1. Kitchen Reno

First on the list is a budget kitchen overhaul. I have tried so hard to tell myself I like the dark cabinets in our kitchen for this reason or that but if I'm being completely honest, I want the dreamy white farmhouse kitchen! I have BIG plans for this project that I'll be sharing in a mood board soon. The goal is to keep the entire kitchen reno UNDER $1,000! Yes, seriously! I know I can do it :)

Kitchen Envy over here- Nina Hendrick Design Co. Painted her cabinets!

2. Garage Organization

The next big project I want to tackle is organizing our garage. In every single home we have owned our garage makes me cringe. I have always attempted to organize but never done a complete overhaul like I'm looking to do. We have a large space and lots of storage so there is no reason for me NOT to get it under control!

Garage Goals right here! by A Bowl Full of Lemons

3. Build a Bench

Finally, I want to complete my first true woodworking project and make a bench for our kitchen table! Confession time: My dream job is to be a carpenter and I feel like this is a relatively easy project to start with needing few tools.

Hoping to make something similar to this bench by Ana White!

In addition to DIY projects I've set a goal of checking out 100 books from the library for my son to read (and maybe 1 or 2 for myself). I'd like to go to a music class once a month and I'd like to take a family road trip- something cheap and inexpensive because we're on a budget here. Oh, and I want to eat as much ice cream as possible :)

What DIY projects are on your summer bucket list?

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