One Room Challenge Week 3: Painting Furniture the Easy Way!

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Painting furniture can seem like a daunting task but it doesn't have to! For Week 3 of the One Room Challenge I am sharing my tips on painting furniture the easy way!

This post is sponsored by Fusion Mineral Paint but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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The title of this post may be a little bit misleading because really my biggest tip for painting furniture the easy way is to use Fusion Mineral Paint!

I discovered Fusion Mineral Paint a few years ago when I found a dresser on the side of the road that I wanted to makeover without all the fuss. I had heard of this miracle paint that 'did it all' and I was pleasantly surprised that it really did. it. all. Fusion truly is foundation to finish all in one. Little to no prep work is required and no top coat is needed (it's built in)!

For this project I am using the color Bayberry.

I started by cleaning the entire dresser with Simple Green. I like this product because it's an all natural all purpose cleaner that gets the job done when it comes to getting all the dust and grime off.

Once it was cleaned and dried I tested a few areas with paint to make sure that no further prep work was required (some stubborn pieces can require sanding or deglossing). The paint went on smoothly so I decided to dive right in and start painting.

I started by cutting in the areas where there was detail work a roller wouldn't reach.

Then, I simply used a 4 inch foam roller to roll the rest of the dresser frame. This dresser was relatively easy to paint as it had a lot of straight edges.

I also used the roller on all of the drawer fronts.

I simply angled the roller as I painted the edges of the drawers.

Using a roller meant using a little less paint than a brush so I did have to give this dresser two coats but if you are using a brush technique you may only need one coat total (a little goes a long way with this paint) but the roller gave it a gorgeous smooth finish so I am happy I did it this way.

I am absolutely in love with how this piece turned out! Isn't this color just gorgeous? And how EASY! A couple coats of paint and it was done!

I actually made these brass ring pulls using items from the local hardware store! You can see that tutorial here.

I swear this color looks so different from different angles and in different lighting! It's just so pretty!

Be sure to check out all of the Featured Designers and Guest Participants completing the One Room Challenge! And stay tuned for next week when I'm going to show you how to give a plain old ceiling fan a Modern Farmhouse makeover (you can see it peeking out in the mirror)! And in a couple weeks I will be sharing a fun partnership with Kirkland's!

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  1. Beautiful dresser. Bayberry is fabulous. I love Fusion paint, too!

    1. Thank you!! Bayberry is definitely my new favorite color!! I cannot get over how pretty it turned out!!

  2. I clicked over from the linkup because your dresser was gorgeous and I wanted to see how you painted it. Only to realize I used pretty much the same colour on my dresser too, ha! Looking good so far :)

    1. Thank you!!! I absolutely LOVE this color!!! I want to paint everything green now, ha!! :)

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  5. Oh what a great job you have done. Bravo! I may have to try that paint out. Thank you.

  6. This is so gorgeous! That color is perfect! Thanks for sharing about the mineral paint! I'm definitely going to be trying that out!

  7. Rebecca that is one sweet color you chose for your dresser.

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