One Room Challenge Week 1: Mood Board

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

I am so excited to be back doing the One Room Challenge this spring! Last year's makeover of our guest bathroom was one of my most loved shares ever here at R&R at home! This year I'm using this guest bathroom as my muse in a way to infuse a modern farmhouse feel in our guest bedroom!

This room is currently a blank slate. It is one of those 'catch all' rooms that has been collecting random pieces of furniture and decor for years and I'm ready to make it a statement! It may not be one of the most used rooms in our house but that doesn't mean it doesn't deserve some TLC! Sometimes making over spaces like this takes the pressure off and I can just have fun and be creative!

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Let's take a quick look at the before of this space (but be warned- it's in #reallife shape)...

As you can see- this room is a smorgasbord of furniture and decor. 🙈

I cannot WAIT to paint this dresser! Eek!

And these WALLS!

The biggest focus of this month's challenge is to refresh the space to feel more inviting and to better align with my design style which is more farmhouse. Like I said earlier, the inspiration for this room is our guest bathroom so I'm going to be adding a 'modern' twist to the traditional farmhouse style.

Magnolia Home- Carter Creme

The first thing I plan to do is brighten up the walls with some paint. I have never been in love with the current color on the walls and I think the room will take on a whole new feel with some fresh paint on the walls. I have been wanting to try the new line of Magnolia paint so I have decided to go with 'Creme Carter'.

Fusion Mineral Paint- Bayberry

Fusion Mineral Paint- Lichen
The next big project for this room is going to be making over our existing dresser with Fusion Mineral Paint. I am still deciding if i will go with Lichen or Bayberry. I have always wanted to paint a big piece green and I've decided this dresser is my victim. I will say that I'm nervous to paint this but I've actually had this dresser since I was 16 and I just feel ready for a change!
Kirkland's- Metal Slat Bronze Platform Bed
The statement piece of this room will be this new bed from Kirkland's. I have pretty much been obsessed with these iron beds since they started making their appearance in the farmhouse decorating community and I think it's one of those beds that will stand the test of time.

Well Woven Rugs- Maxwell Vintage Modern Rug

Even though this room is fully carpeted, I would love to add some more texture and interest in this space by adding a rug. I am totally a fan of layering rugs on top of carpet! In keeping with the organic feel of this space I'd love to bring in a rug in a nice warm tone with a soft floral print.

Well Woven- Ana Traditional Brick Rug

Or I might completely step out of my comfort zone and do something a little more 'boho' like this one.

Ikea- Sinnerlig

I'm hoping we can switch out our ceiling fan for a more modern looking light fixture like this one. I really think that simple changes like this can have a huge impact.

Etsy- Letter Ledges

One thing I really want to try in this space is a DIY Wall Letter Board that will say 'Be Our Guest'. I think this will be a fun feature wall in the space and really incorporate that 'modern' vibe!

Kirkland's- Small Rattan Side Table

I'll be finishing this room makeover by adding in some touches of greenery and some modern farmhouse pieces like this rattan nightstand from Kirkland's and some fun sconces.

I am so excited to get started on this makeover! Check back next week for an update and don't miss the reveal in May! Be sure to check out of all of the other guest participants completing the One Room Challenge for some major inspiration!

As always, Thank you for visiting R&R at home!

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  1. I can't wait to see how this turns out! I love your mood board! I am from the Chicago 'burbs as well (or at least I used to be). We moved to Indianapolis a few years ago, but I miss the deep dish pizza on demand!


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