DIY No Sew Greek Key Curtains

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

{R} here and my inner DIY goddess has come out to play! I am so excited to share my newest DIY project. I want to give a quick shout out to one of my favorite bloggers, A View Along The Way, because I found her project via Pinterest and followed her steps!

A little back story... I have been racking my brain for two years on what curtains to add to our 'master'. After completing our DIY stripe wall I decided it was time to dress the windows and after finding inspiration from other bloggers I decided this would be the perfect project. This was one for the books because it required patience (a trait I often lack).

On that (impatience) note, I tried to tweak this project to avoid the whole 'iron-on' step. I first attempted this using 'Liquid Stitch', which is still a great product, just not for this type of project since I was using lighter colored ribbon. This was a failure of epic proportions. But you live and you learn, right?

Let's get started!

What you will need:

  • Curtains (I found mine for $10 a pair at Ikea!... See here for link)
  • Ribbon (Color of choice)
  • Tap Measure
  • Scissors
  • Stitch Witchery (can be found here or any local fabric store)
  • Iron
  • Damp Cloth
Step 1: Prep Curtains

I am including this as a step because it is very important! When you first open fabric that is packaged as such there are always wrinkles and crinkles. I chose to simply wash my curtains and dry them to get those out!

Step 2: Plan Your Design

For this tutorial I am using the 'greek key' design (I'm not 100% sure that's the technical name of this design but we'll go with it). I first planed it out as pictured below. You will want the design on each corner of the curtain. Each corner design will require 4 shorter length of ribbon (I chose 4" each) and 2 longer pieces of ribbon (which I chose to be 7").

Then, I laid out my design so I had an idea of what each corner would like and so I was prepared for actually applying them to the curtain. I started with one short and one long as pictured below.

Next, I put one short piece of ribbon on top (Don't worry I clean up the edges at the end).

Then, I added a longer piece of ribbon on the bottom. 

Finally, I added two smaller pieces to the ends of the longest pieces (I hope I am making sense... see pictures below). 

I decided to cut all of my ribbon and stitch witchery at once to make it quicker when actually applying all the ribbon to the fabric.

Step 3: Apply ribbons to curtains

Now that all of your ribbon is cut and your curtains and washed and dried/ironed it is time to apply the ribbon! Stitch Witchery is awesome! You simply place it behind the ribbon/fabric you are applying, add a damp cloth on top and hold down the iron for about 10 seconds (steam and weird smells commence)!

I started by cutting a 4 by 4 cardboard square to place at the corner of each panel corner to make sure that each corner design was in the same place (did I say corner enough in this last sentence?).

I tried to do the whole design at once but that did not work. Remember, 'slow and steady wins the race' so take your time! Iron each section of ribbon at a time!

To adhere simply wet an old rag and apply over each section of ribbon (Don't mind the dirty cloth I used for this part!).

Then, press the iron. DO NOT move back and forth. Simply press down on one area for 10 seconds. 

Here I am hard at work... I cannot believe I was patient enough for this project (blogging has taught me a thing or two about patience).

Step 4: Get a glass of wine to sip as you admire your beautiful DIY work of art!

And without further ado, here is the finished product!! I am so so so so pleased with the end result. My DIY goddess is gleaming with pride :)

I'm still deciding if I am going to complete another set for behind the bed. I love the striped accent wall but still feel like that window needs it's own dressing. Maybe a greek key valence? It's a work in progress...

Morgan thoughts "Mommmm stop taking pictures of the curtains and let's go to sleep!"...

So on that note, Good Night!

As always, Thank you for visiting {R&R} at home!
I was featured!!

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  1. Very nice curtains. The tutorial is great thanks for sharing it.

  2. Great tutorial, very exact and easy to follow.
    They look very airy and elegant!

    1. Thank you! They really do create a nice, airy feel!

  3. Really love this design and seems easy enough to manage! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you! It is a fairly easy project... just takes a little time :)

  4. I love your curtains and it's such a simple project! Easily a weekend project that I could do, one of these weekends.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

    1. Thank you, Liz! Definitely a weekend (or a day) project! Let me know if you decide to do this and post your link back to me :)

  5. Oh my! This looks so fabulous! Pinned and tweeted. Please join us tonight at 7 pm, and party with us. I can't wait to see your new masterpieces or amazing classics! Lou Lou Girls

  6. Hi Kimberly! Thank you for stopping by! I was definitely there on Monsay for the party 😊


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