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Sunday, July 26, 2015

See my feature here!

Other than my 'Welcome' post I really haven't written anything that didn't involve a DIY project or Favorites Friday. Well, today I am so excited and I have to share!

I recently decided to take my blogging game up a notch and join the wonderful world of 'Link Up Parties'. My first link-up party was last week's Saturday Sparks hosted by the fabulous Suzanne over at Pieced Pastimes. Since then, I have found a few other parties that I will be joining in on every week (see list in the Parties & Features above ^).

So, let's set the scene. It's early Saturday morning. I've just let the pups out and made myself my morning cup of coffee (with extra cream because hey, it's the week-end so I treat myself!) and I sit down to join my Saturday link-up. As I log-in I see a picture of my bedroom on the site... It took me all of 10 seconds to realize that I was a featured post from last week's link-up! I scream and wake up the hubby to come see.

I'm really just proud beyond belief. Starting a blog is hard and getting people to be interested in what you have to say and projects you have to share in such a saturated market is both humbling and overwhelming. I think what really had me beaming from ear to ear was the simple fact that this was the first party I posted to and the next week I was featured! This could not have come at a better time as I have been feeling down about my little ol' bloggy blog (mostly that I am nowhere near ready to post a 'home tour' which is the bread and butter of home blogging). So, Thank You Suzanne for lifting my spirits and featuring me on your link-up! You have a forever follower and I will be back every week to party with you :)

I'd love to hear about the first time you were featured! Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you for stopping by to visit (and listen to me rant) with {R&R} at home!

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